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Happy 2017!!!!!! (Yes I know its already June)

Written by  on June 3, 2017 

Hey guys! So I know that I have been MIA and I apologize about that, things have just been so crazy busy!!!!! I’ll save all that for the next blog though, and get right into new years…(Yes I know its already June… but without further ado… New years 6 months late)
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So, my favorite post of the year is the new years posts… I get to discuss all last years goals, accomplishments, and failures, and then post all my insane goals for this year…. Yay!

So, no more hesitation……. (In order to do this right, and to keep with tradition, you need to read this as one giant run on sentence, like in one big breath… Don’t worry, you can do it!!!! Take a deep breath.)

I started the year working on the the amazing Twin Peaks with David Lynch and it was amazing to watch him work and he is incredibly talented and artistic, then I (Whitney) had a baby, Baby number 2, we will call her “#myotherfavoritemonster”, then I directed the great L. Young music video, I worked on Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles 2, Transformers 5, King kong skull Island, and a ton of other really big really crazy and cool movies, directed another Warner Drive music video and its now one of my favorites ever, starring my BFF Brian C. Chenworth, it got a very positive response, I directed 6 short films for CryptTV, which is Eli Roth’s online horror site that Blum House just partnered with, then started production on a Horror Anthology film that I am producing, and have been trying to get off the ground for a few years now, I then Directed a short horror film for that Horror anthology, and the great Darrren Lynn Bousman (Director of Saw 2, Saw 3, Saw 4, 11-11-11, Mothers Day, etc) just might be playing a killer in it, I directed another 15 second horror film for the 15secondhorrorfilmchallange (but didn’t do as well with it this year) I played 3 different short films in about 10 different film festivals across the world over the course of the year, I directed and shot a little spoof video that went sort of viral, I released “The Summoning” a movie that I produced on DVD and VOD, I had articles about me and my projects in bloody disgusting, Dread Central, Nightmarish Conjuring, We Are Indie Horror, Sinful Celluloid, and several more, pitched a movie that I am trying to get made, about 30 times, and every time it was a no, still going, still pitching, still trying, had really good times and really bad times. 2016 was a pretty dang good year for me! (I am also sure there is at least 50 things that I am forgetting to post about…)























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Now that that’s all finished… lets move onto goals.
1- Finish My horror Anthology movie-
Well I did get some good forward motion on it! I directed my short portion of it, and have 2 or 3 other sections 100% finished and have the others making good headway as well! We are on track to be finished really soon! So it’s a failure in a sense, but still a good accomplishment… this one will go back on the list for next year.
2- Direct 13 projects-
1- L young Music Video
2- Warner Drive Music Video
3-8- CryptTV short films
9- My short for my horror Anthology
10- Hail Sagen Music Video
11- My viral zombie video
12-14- Commercials for my friends Insurance company (BUT I DIDNT FINISH THESE)
So I was so close. 12-14 are some really funny really cool commercials that I was directing for a friend of mine, but I only managed to shoot half of them, My friend flew into town over christmas break, and we shot all of her stuff, but didn’t get the rest of the story stuff. Since it was so close to christmas, it was kinda hard to film. So this was almost a success, but still not quite… This one is a fail as well.

3- Direct my first feature film- Big nope on this one. It will have to go back on the list for this year. (Something tells me it’s gonna get checked off the list though haha)
4- Write 2 feature films….. Man finding time to write when you have 2 kids and you work full time and you are also trying to work full time as a director is tough… I didn’t write any feature length scripts this year. I am actually really disappointed in myself and I promise I’ll make it happen from now on! So yet another fail.
5- Run a 5k- Yay!!! my first goal checked off the list. I ran a lot last year, and actually ran in 2 real 5ks. I loved it!
6- Act in a movie I am not directing- I cant remember haha. I was in a lot of stuff last year, but I think I was actually directing all of them. So I think this one is another failure also.
7- Win a best Director award- Failure
8- Sell a script- Nope again… Failure
9- Get representation- This one is also a failure, but a failure on my own choice. I had 2 different options last year for representation, but didn’t feel like either was the right choice for me… I’ll have to keep trying.
10- Take a billion pictures of me and my family- Whew!!!! I know this was the easy one, but holy cow, its good to be able to check more then one thing off your goals list…

WOW…. so looking at that it looks like I had a pretty miserable year, but that’s not true. I had a great year with my family, friends, fans, and made new ones along the way. I achieved a ton and learned so much along the way. It was a great year, and it set this year up to be even bigger and better!!!!

Okay so that brings us to the moment we have all been waiting for!!!!!!!

2017 GOALS-
1- Finish My horror Anthology
2- Direct 13 projects
3- Direct my first feature film
4- Write 2 feature length films
5- Run a 10k
6- Act in a movie I didn’t direct
7- Win a best director award
8- Sell a script
9- Get representation (Manager or Agent)
10- Direct a big name actor or actress
11- Direct one action project
12- Finish writing my episodic project and get it ready to pitch
13- Take like a bazillion pictures of me and my family!!!!!

Wow, Super scary goals, and especially since its already June, I better get my act together… Lets try and make more of these successes this year!!!!!

Happy 2017 everyone!!!!!!
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