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Salem’s Lott Scary Hot Sauce Commercials

Written by  on August 8, 2015

Hey Everyone!!!
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Lets start yet another blog post by saying I am sorry. It’s the 1st one on this new blog, but not the 1st one ever… I told you all that I would write every month and it’s been 3 or 4 months since I updated… If your thinking it’s because not a lot is going on, you are wrong. Quite the opposite, so much is going on, I just can’t talk about any of it yet…

I can tell you I have been super busy… And… If you subscribe to my email list (On the home page at the top of the bright green “News section on the right), you will get updates very soon. I can also tell you about some new commercials I just directed and produced.

Check out Salem’s Lott Scary Hot Sauces.




We did two fun and scary hot sauce commercials.

Witch commercial is first you ask? (See what I did there? I purposely spelled “Witch” like a green broom riding hag) One commercial is to play on the company name of “Salem’s Lott”. The commercial is about a witch (Now you under stand the Witch commercial is first line). It is fun, scary, and very halloween themed. Check it out at:









The second commercial is a fun retelling of a mad scientist and his henchman working on an experiment. It is reminiscent of the old Dr. Frankenstein movies, but also fun, scary and very halloween themed. Check it out at:










What a fun shoot and thank you everyone who was involved, you guys/gals are all awesome!!! Also…The hot sauce is really good. Order some!!! I like it a lot.

Officially Announcing My New Blog… This Blog!!!!!

Written by  on May 9, 2015


I posted this to my other blog… Its my last post on that sited….

Family, Friends, Fans!!!!!
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This is going to be my last blog post on this blog…….

I have a new web page and a new blog integrated into that page.

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check out my new web page at-


Please go check out my site, look at all the pages, view the videos, read and comment on the blog etc…… More about all that stuff in a few minutes.

The whole website experience was actually amazing. I have no knowledge of web pages or code or any of that stuff. Quite frankly I am far too busy, working, making movies or TV shows, writing scripts, music videos, commercials, playing with my kid, spending time with my wife, etc to teach myself how to run a web page or even simple site. I have my masters degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University so I do know some about internet marketing and how web pages work and all about SEO. So I knew enough that I wanted my traffic to be calculated at my site and not someone else, and using one of those “quick webpage” sites run traffic through their own site, as well as a few other down falls so I hit up a friend who does all things websites. You can contact my friend too!!!!!!! look up her site @:
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Pretty cool stuff right. She was awesome!!! She interviewed me to find out all about me and what I wanted people to know about me etc, and then designed my site to give off the impression I wanted to give, give off the INFO i wanted people to know etc… from the best pictures to the coolest videos and even site design and color, it was really an amazing experience!!! In the interview process she pulled out some information that I wouldn’t have normally told her. There are several people that hire me in the film and TV industry solely because of my can do, always in a good mood, always have a good time attitude. My never get mad, never say no, learn by doing and always have a smile on your face, even when the pressure is on attitude!!! She pulled that info out me, and we both got excited about it, so she designed the site wanting to give that impression. She chose colors and formats that meant something to me, and picked the coolest photos to use. I just had such a great experience that I had her make the webpage for my last short film: The Haunted House.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 8.09.30 PM

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Check it out and let me know what you think…

Pretty cool right? Everything about this experience was amazing and I fully recommend her and her company to anyone. I know I will continue to go back.

So once again this will be my last blog post on this blog… From now on all blog posts will be on my website at-

or more specifically at-

Please continue to read. You can also sign up for my newsletter, which is basically going to be just to tell you when new blog posts are coming out and when super cool things that you are definitely gonna want to know about are happening… let’s just say you are definitely going to want to sign up for it… Check it out on my home page in the top of my news column. Not my News page, but my home page on the green news column… see the picture below =)
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I promise that you will like it and if you love me you will…………………………

Thank you all for being a part of my journey and as I upgrade to the next blog and web page, I hope you continue to be there with me. I appreciate all of you and hope you stay with me through my j ourney !! More news coming soon, so check out my new web page, new blog, and sign up for my news letter so you don’t miss any news!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!

Hey Everyone its Me!!!! Wesley Alley!!! Blog Number 2!!!!

Written by  on April 12, 2015

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Hello family, friends, and fans!

I am Wesley Alley. I am a director, writer, producer, Goonie, father, husband, Transformers enthusiast, cowboy, punk rocker, etc. basically I am just another pretty face. Up until now, you could have followed me on my last blog


But now that I have this really cool new web page, you will now have to follow and read this blog instead… So in advance; “Thank you all so much for reading and following my blog! you guys are super super awesome!!!

I would like to do 2 things in this first blog post.

1. I want to again thank everyone, all my fans, family, and friends. I could have never made it this far in my career without everyone’s help, love and support. I am nothing without you all so thank you so much, and please keep up with all the support.

2. For all the new people on the blog, I just want to introduce myself. Here is my Bio.

Wesley Alley Headshot

Directors Bio
Wesley Alley grew up in a small ranch town in Idaho that no one has ever heard of. Growing up in the country Wesley’s love for the Outdoors, adventure, and excitement was matched only by his love for movies. His father Wesley Alley Sr. had a definitive love for movies and coincidently it was how father and son bonded. Wesley Sr’s spare time was often spent renting movies or at the movie theater with with his son Wesley and
daughter Melissa. Wesley distinctly remembers the day when he knew he was going to grow up to make movies. He was sitting on his dad’s lap watching The Goonies. Wesley’s parents had recently divorced, and like any young child he didn’t understand why he couldn’t see his dad everyday and was having a hard time dealing with that. But, at the moment he was sitting on his father’s lap, watching that movie, he knew everything was fine. Not only was he watching a film about a bunch of kids taking their futures into their own hands, but the escape from reality is what he needed. At that moment him and his father were lost in the adventure on screen. Wesley knew he wanted to make movies like that, movies that affected and changed people’s lives. He wanted to entertain people and give them a temporary escape from life’s problems and demands. Wesley started his career in the entertainment industry very young. He acted in school plays and participated in the community theater. He looked for any opportunity that could get him involved. He was the president of the drama club in high school and after graduating he attended Boise State University for “Performance and Direction”. After Boise State, Wesley ventured to the other side of the country to go to Full Sail University and get his bachelors degree in “Film and Television Production” and onto a master’s degree in Entertainment Business.
Wesley is a Director, Writer, and Producer. He has experience in Movies, short films, Music Videos, Commercials and more. After college, college, and more college, Wesley ventured out into the industry working in the lighting and grip department. He became a union lighting technician in FL and then moved to L.A. and continued his career in Lighting. He then became a member of IATSE local 728, one of the best and most well trained Set Lighting Unions in the world. Wesley worked on big summer block buster movies, huge TV shows, smaller art movies, indy films, little TV shows, pilots, music videos, web series, commercials, etc. These various projects allowed him to gain experience and learn how productions on every level are made. Currently, Wesley is taking the knowledge he has gotten from school, directing his projects, and watching and working on various sets over the years to fuel and push his career as a director.

Thanks again for checking out my new blog and for visiting my website. Please check back often for new posts and leave me your comments. Help spread the word and share with your friends. please check out my Facebook at:
and my twitter at:

Remember, I think you’re super awesome!!!