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Happy Early Halloween, Kids, Vans, Music Videos, short films and more… Its gonna be a good halloween!!!

Written by  on September 26, 2017

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Hey everyone!!! Happy early Halloween!!!
So with Halloween approaching soon, and the movie, “It” just being released and being the highest grossing horror movie of all time… and a movie that I personally loved… I want to release my own kids action adventure kids horror movie… If you read my blogs (which I am sure you do, other wise you wouldn’t be here now right?) Anyway, if you read my blogs (And you better!!!!!!) then you have read all about my short film The Haunted House playing at various film festivals, playing at schools during anti bullying campaigns, getting press, etc… BUT… I have never released it publicly… until now!!!!!!
Check it out!!! Free to the public!!! Please, like, comment, share, and then do it all again!!! Please and thank you!

I also just Directed a music video for one of my favorite bands to work with – The Rocketz!!!!
check it out!!! This is where the van comes in, it actually has nothing to do with the kids… What were you expecting?

Please check it out and…….. Like, Comment, share, and then do it all again over and over and over!!!!
SO much other stuff, like I directed a movie, and then a short film, and then another short film, and then I have been signed on to direct 2 more short films in the next month or 2… Also have some feature film news coming on the horizon… all very big, very cool stuff!!! But just as you probably expected… I can’t talk about it just yet. But news coming soon, I promise!!!!!

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Happy 2017!!!!!! (Yes I know its already June)

Written by  on June 3, 2017

Hey guys! So I know that I have been MIA and I apologize about that, things have just been so crazy busy!!!!! I’ll save all that for the next blog though, and get right into new years…(Yes I know its already June… but without further ado… New years 6 months late)
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So, my favorite post of the year is the new years posts… I get to discuss all last years goals, accomplishments, and failures, and then post all my insane goals for this year…. Yay!

So, no more hesitation……. (In order to do this right, and to keep with tradition, you need to read this as one giant run on sentence, like in one big breath… Don’t worry, you can do it!!!! Take a deep breath.)

I started the year working on the the amazing Twin Peaks with David Lynch and it was amazing to watch him work and he is incredibly talented and artistic, then I (Whitney) had a baby, Baby number 2, we will call her “#myotherfavoritemonster”, then I directed the great L. Young music video, I worked on Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles 2, Transformers 5, King kong skull Island, and a ton of other really big really crazy and cool movies, directed another Warner Drive music video and its now one of my favorites ever, starring my BFF Brian C. Chenworth, it got a very positive response, I directed 6 short films for CryptTV, which is Eli Roth’s online horror site that Blum House just partnered with, then started production on a Horror Anthology film that I am producing, and have been trying to get off the ground for a few years now, I then Directed a short horror film for that Horror anthology, and the great Darrren Lynn Bousman (Director of Saw 2, Saw 3, Saw 4, 11-11-11, Mothers Day, etc) just might be playing a killer in it, I directed another 15 second horror film for the 15secondhorrorfilmchallange (but didn’t do as well with it this year) I played 3 different short films in about 10 different film festivals across the world over the course of the year, I directed and shot a little spoof video that went sort of viral, I released “The Summoning” a movie that I produced on DVD and VOD, I had articles about me and my projects in bloody disgusting, Dread Central, Nightmarish Conjuring, We Are Indie Horror, Sinful Celluloid, and several more, pitched a movie that I am trying to get made, about 30 times, and every time it was a no, still going, still pitching, still trying, had really good times and really bad times. 2016 was a pretty dang good year for me! (I am also sure there is at least 50 things that I am forgetting to post about…)























Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 10.04.23 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 7.38.56 PM

Now that that’s all finished… lets move onto goals.
1- Finish My horror Anthology movie-
Well I did get some good forward motion on it! I directed my short portion of it, and have 2 or 3 other sections 100% finished and have the others making good headway as well! We are on track to be finished really soon! So it’s a failure in a sense, but still a good accomplishment… this one will go back on the list for next year.
2- Direct 13 projects-
1- L young Music Video
2- Warner Drive Music Video
3-8- CryptTV short films
9- My short for my horror Anthology
10- Hail Sagen Music Video
11- My viral zombie video
12-14- Commercials for my friends Insurance company (BUT I DIDNT FINISH THESE)
So I was so close. 12-14 are some really funny really cool commercials that I was directing for a friend of mine, but I only managed to shoot half of them, My friend flew into town over christmas break, and we shot all of her stuff, but didn’t get the rest of the story stuff. Since it was so close to christmas, it was kinda hard to film. So this was almost a success, but still not quite… This one is a fail as well.

3- Direct my first feature film- Big nope on this one. It will have to go back on the list for this year. (Something tells me it’s gonna get checked off the list though haha)
4- Write 2 feature films….. Man finding time to write when you have 2 kids and you work full time and you are also trying to work full time as a director is tough… I didn’t write any feature length scripts this year. I am actually really disappointed in myself and I promise I’ll make it happen from now on! So yet another fail.
5- Run a 5k- Yay!!! my first goal checked off the list. I ran a lot last year, and actually ran in 2 real 5ks. I loved it!
6- Act in a movie I am not directing- I cant remember haha. I was in a lot of stuff last year, but I think I was actually directing all of them. So I think this one is another failure also.
7- Win a best Director award- Failure
8- Sell a script- Nope again… Failure
9- Get representation- This one is also a failure, but a failure on my own choice. I had 2 different options last year for representation, but didn’t feel like either was the right choice for me… I’ll have to keep trying.
10- Take a billion pictures of me and my family- Whew!!!! I know this was the easy one, but holy cow, its good to be able to check more then one thing off your goals list…

WOW…. so looking at that it looks like I had a pretty miserable year, but that’s not true. I had a great year with my family, friends, fans, and made new ones along the way. I achieved a ton and learned so much along the way. It was a great year, and it set this year up to be even bigger and better!!!!

Okay so that brings us to the moment we have all been waiting for!!!!!!!

2017 GOALS-
1- Finish My horror Anthology
2- Direct 13 projects
3- Direct my first feature film
4- Write 2 feature length films
5- Run a 10k
6- Act in a movie I didn’t direct
7- Win a best director award
8- Sell a script
9- Get representation (Manager or Agent)
10- Direct a big name actor or actress
11- Direct one action project
12- Finish writing my episodic project and get it ready to pitch
13- Take like a bazillion pictures of me and my family!!!!!

Wow, Super scary goals, and especially since its already June, I better get my act together… Lets try and make more of these successes this year!!!!!

Happy 2017 everyone!!!!!!
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New Short Films!!! New Film Festivals!!! New Music Videos!!!

Written by  on September 30, 2016

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Hey everyone!!!! So exciting news…
A few months back, well like 5 or 6, I was approached by CryptTV to direct some short horror films. Really short, like micro shorts. So we talked, I pitched them a bunch of ideas and they liked a lot of them. We agreed on doing 6 right away and possibly some more later down the line. So I scripted them up, got the okay, and set off to shooting. They turned out awesome! I got horror scream queens like: Devanny Pinn and Jessica Sonneborn. Scream Kings like: Michael Varrati and Brian C. Chenworth. Special guest appearances like: myself, Brian “Curley” Sapir, Neil King, etc… Lots of friends and amazing fellow filmmakers and actors helped me out. It was awesome! We shot 5 in 2 days and then the 6th and final a few days later… Shooting them was a lot of fun!!! So now CryptTV is starting to schedule their releases and as more information comes to me I will for sure let you know! But in the mean time!!! —–
The Idaho Horror Film Festival is coming up again this October and CryptTV has given me permission to screen 2 of the 6 short films I made with them at this years IHFF!!!! “Good Night Sweetie” and “The Jogging Dead” will open up a screening for The Blair Witch Project with the film’s Writer/Director Dan Myrick in attendance!!! So Friday Oct 14th at 8PM, plan on attending at The Egyptian Theatre (700 W. Main St.) in Boise, Idaho. I’ll also be there!!!!!!!!!!!
Come hang out with me and watch my movie!!!!!!

More Exciting News!!!!!

Recently I just directed a music video for the awesome band Hail Sagan!!! Check them out
Web Page- https://hailsaganofficial.com
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/HailSaganOfficial/?fref=ts
The video was a lot of fun to make and it should be coming out soon!!!! More info and links to its release coming soon! But check out these pictures in the mean time! IMG_0573
Of course with all of this there are 100 other things I am working on, some will fall apart, some will get pushed, but just know that more exciting news filled blogs will be coming soon!!!

As always- Thank you for reading my blog!!!! Please sign up for my email mailing list. You can do so by filling out the info to the right—-> at the top of the blog. I promise I won’ t spam you, but you can keep up with all the new info and stuff going on with me. It’s awesome!!!! Also thank you all for checking out my web page www.wesleyalley.com and all my social media outlets!!! You are all incredible for sharing the journey with me, and thank you so so much for being a Friend/Family/Fan! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think, or if there is anything you would like to see! Thanks again!!!

New Warner Drive Video – Anthem Of The Douche

Written by  on August 31, 2016

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I know what you are thinking, and before you even say a word, I promise that I have a good excuse for taking so long to write this post… Well I really actually don’t, but to be 100% honest, it was a few small excuses. I had several projects that were all going on that I was trying to wait for the blog post, but dates kept change, and things that were out of my control kept happening and i got busy, and I spent some time out of town, etc…

I have actually struggled with this blog post a lot. I have written 3 or 4 different versions of this post, and decided each time that I shouldn’t post it and I should write another. So here is a little truth… Sometimes things aren’t always good. I try really really hard to be known as the guy who always smiles, no matter what happens, no matter the stress, no matter the problems, I like to be the guy who always has a positive attitude and a smile, and I like other people to think of me as that as well. So my website was designed to give off that feel, and i try and represent my business like that, and live my life by it. And people enjoy it. Well the last few months have actually been really hard, and I have had a lot of stress, and several projects fall through, and several other projects I have been screwed over on, etc. It has just been rough. And guess what? That is life, especially life as a filmmaker. I try really hard to enjoy the journey as much as the place I want to end up, but filmmaking isn’t always fun, it’s hard, and the deck is stacked against you, and when it rains it pours. But the important thing is that you keep moving forward, and working hard! I am still smiling, or at least smiling again, and still going forward, and I have lots of cool stuff to tell you all about!

One of the things that kept me from writing this post, is I made a really cool music video!!! Check it out here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttwEJMPT1pc
Our friends at Bloodydisgusting.com actually wrote up a nice little article for its release! check it out here-http://bloody-disgusting.com/music/3400457/warner-drive-issues-anthem-douche-video-exclusive/
We finished the video on a very tight deadline, and I wanted to wait to post this blog post until it was finished but then the record label pushed the release date several times, so I just kept waiting and then it changed, and then i kept waiting and then it changed again, and so on. It’s out now, and it got a really good audience response. Please check it out and let me know what you think. This video might have actually been one of my hardest videos I have ever done. The budget was very very very tiny, and just like Murphy’s Law says, everything that can go wrong will. We had to push dates, actors bailed on us, locations changed on us, crew members backed out, deaths in families, tragedies, surgery, sicknesses, etc… it was seriously the most stressful and hardest video I have ever done, but I think it came out great!
Most of the other stuff I wanted to talk about has hit some issues so I can’t really talk about it, but I can tell you that I will tell you all about the bad news and the good news very soon. There will be big announcements soon!

Sorry again for taking so long with this blog post, but I can assure you it’s better this way haha. Thank you all for taking the time to take this journey with me. As always, thank you for reading my blog!!!! Please sign up for my email mailing list. You can do so by filling out the info to the right—-> at the top of the blog. I promise I won’ t spam you, but you can keep up with all the new info and stuff going on with me. It’s awesome!!!! Also thank you all for checking out my web page www.wesleyalley.com and all my social media outlets!!! You are all incredible for sharing the journey with me, and thank you so so much for being a Friend/Family/Fan! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think, or if there is anything you would like to see! Thanks again!!!

Twin Peaks, Zombies, Warner Drive, CryptTV and more…

Written by  on May 13, 2016

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Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my new blog post!!! This post is going to be pretty short, but only because the next one is most likely going to be super long!!! I have been crazy busy lately and directing a ton, but just cant talk about some of it for a few more weeks…
Wesley Alley Headshot
Here is whats up. So as some of you know I have been working on Twin Peaks for the last I cant even remember how many months. It seems like forever!!! I am a 1st unit lighting technician and the 2nd unit gaffer.
Check it out on IMDB at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4093826/?ref_=nm_flmg_cam_1 oh and you can also check out my IMDB here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3111245/ (You should “like” it) It’s been a lot of fun, and I have really enjoyed watching David Lynch direct (and learned a lot), and I actually get to work very closely with someone I admire greatly, Peter Deming. Peter Deming, for those of you who don’t know, not only is the cinematographer for a lot of David Lynch’s movies, but also a lot Sam Raimi’s movies. Sam Raimi is one of my all time favorite directors and some of the camera work that Peter did is part of the reason why, so It was super awesome!!! I also on the weekends was the best boy electric for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows additional photography, and had a great time doing that for weeks and weeks.
Now both of those are a wrap, so I finally have some free time and I am spending it directing, and hanging out with my family!!!

Last month while we were filming Twin Peaks, a zombie video came out and went viral. Its a video that shows 2 brothers trick their sister who just had her wisdom teeth removed into believing it was the zombie apocalypse. Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hVWEefD5ag It was funny but it got me thinking what would have happened if she would have hurt someone because she was drugged up and actually thought it was happening. So I made a spoof video that night and released it the next day showing what could have happened. Check out my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvGm6gXefsQ Thanks to all my friends who helped me out on that one with literally only hours of prep time and 1 night of post to turn the video around. You guys are all awesome!!! I really have the best friends, fans, and family. So supportive and helpful all the time!!!

This is all I can really talk about right now, but coming up—- I have been directing lots of stuff that will be released hopefully next month in time for my next blog post.
Warner Drive music video???
CryptTV horror shorts????
Maybe info on a few different movies I am in various points of development, pre production, production, post, working out distribution deals etc…. Lots of stuff happening now, just cant talk quite yet about a lot of it haha.

As always you are the best fans, friends, and family I can ask for! Thank you for stopping by to read this, and for always being supportive of me! With your help I am following my dream and making it a reality!!! Thank you all for reading!!! Please sign up for my email mailing list. You can do so by filling out the info to the right—-> at the top of the blog. I promise I wont spam you, but you can keep up with all the new info and stuff going on with me. It’s awesome!!!! Also thank you all for checking out my web page www.wesleyalley.com and all my social media outlets!!! You are all incredible for sharing the journey with me, and thank you so so much for being a Friend/Family/Fan! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think, or if there is anything you would like to see! Thanks again!!!

So I directed a super sultry R and B music video and then had a baby!!!!

Written by  on March 16, 2016

Hey everyone Wesley Alley here!!!
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So I know I know, I skipped my blog post for February. ITS ONLY THE SECOND MONTH IN THE YEAR AND YOU ARE ALREADY MISSING BLOG POSTS? Well yeah! I am a busy man get off my back!!! But in all seriousness, I am sorry i missed posting last month, I had so so so much going on i wanted to write, but I just kept putting it off, and then ran out of time, and the next thing I know March is halfway over… So Sorry guys!!!

But here is what’s up! I have made some good headway on a movie I am directing, as well as I started directing a super secret horror project… Shhhhhh they are both a secret right now so I can’t tell you about those, but just know that both are very very very awesome!!!! (And yes, I will tell you all more info soon! well as soon as I can!!!)

Here is what I can tell you about!!! first off I directed another music video. It is an R and B music video for the amazingly talented L. Young http://lyoungmusic.com! You might know him from his super famous acapella music videos he does… check out his youtube channel after the video, it’s amazing and this guys is very talented. Not only does he do those acapella videos but he recently released a studio album of his original work, and this is the video for his first single!!!

The Album is “4ever Young” and the song is called “Knocked Out”. We wanted to make a true R and B music video that was true to all the amazing 90’s R and B videos that were so popular. I think we succeeded… The video stars L. Young, himself, and comedian/actress Talithia Lewis, AKA Pretty Ricki Fontaine (Who is not only beautiful, but funny, nice and cool). Special thanks to: Lauri Harjo Taylor, Susan Hilton, Brian C. Chenworth, Gabriel Gely, and Melissa Thornton!!!! Without you guys, L. and I could never have made this video! Let me know what you think…

Check out some of these photos from the making of the video!!!







That song was Hot right?!?!?!?!?!?! So Hot I had a baby!!!!! Right? Right? Okay all jokes aside. What did you think? Okay full disclosure if you regularly read my blogs which I know you all do…. Then you already knew that me and my beautiful wife were expecting another amazing little bundle of joy. A girl to be exact. I know this blog is for filmmaking and my career as a director, but I post so many pictures of Alice (My first born daughter) that I really, really, wanted to show off my 2nd little girl too!!!! She was born about a week ago, and is just amazing!!!!! Her name is Savannah and she made me cry! I told you all how I cried during the birth of Alice and how amazing she is and how she was the best thing I ever had a hand in making, well the same goes for Savannah, equally as incredible the second time around! Most of you don’t know this, well almost everyone doesn’t know this, but 2 years ago when Alice was born I wrote a kids book for her. Its called “My Favorite Monster” and out of sheer laziness on my part I have yet to query it, or try and get it published but I am going to try now! Because I am in the middle of writing another one now, called “You Can Have More Then One Favorite Monster”. I am rather embarrassed that I have yet to get Alice’s book published, but now I actually have the ideas for 10 or so more kids books, and after I finish writing this next one for my new daughter I actually plan on putting in the effort and getting them published. They are super cute and fun!!! But enough about me!!! Here is Savannah!!!!!






Also The Haunted House was accepted into another film festival!!! If you are in Florida check out the Widescreen Film Festival at http://widescreenfest.com
WSF16_Official Selection - Normal Res Jpeg
Date: THURSDAY MARCH 24, 2016
Location: Open Stage Club
Address: 2325 Galiano St, Coral Gables, FL 33134
8.30 PM – 10.20 PM SCREENINGS (Listed as the 8th film to screen)

Please all of my FL friends, Family, Fans go check it out!!!!!!

As always thank you for reading my blog!!!! Please sign up for my email mailing list. You can do so by filling out the info to the right—-> at the top of the blog. I promise I wont spam you, but you can keep up with all the new info and stuff going on with me. It’s awesome!!!! Also thank you all for checking out my web page www.wesleyalley.com and all my social media outlets!!! You are all incredible for sharing the journey with me, and thank you so so much for being a Friend/Family/Fan! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think, or if there is anything you would like to see! Thanks again!!!

Happy 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by  on January 18, 2016

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Happy 2016!!!!!
I love new years posts!!!! I also love excessive punctuation!!!!! Yay!!!!!! Serious though, I love writing new years blog posts. I know I said this last year, but they are seriously my favorites. In my new years posts, I get to discuss last year, and my goals (sometimes that part sucks haha) and make new ones!!! I always get so inspired when I write my January posts…

So with out any further adu…………….

Lets go over my year… In tradition with every new year blog post, and in order for this recap to be effective, I am going to write it as one GIANT run on sentence and you have to read it on one breathe and really fast. Okay? I mean it, no cheating! READY???



My daughter turned 1 last Jan, HOLY COW, I know people always say they grow so fat but it’s true, it’s crazy how fast they grow, she started walking, running, talking, holding conversations, etc she is not a little baby anymore, and she is about to turn two, it’s just insane, I launched my “Gino And The Lone Gunman” music video, bloodydisgusting.com even did an exclusive premier of it, I launched the website for my short film “The Haunted House”, I launched my own personal web page and new blog at www.wesleyalley.com , on the new website i started a new email list so i can keep people up to date with any exciting news and changes in my life, please please please subscribe, I won’t spam you, I promise, just sign up with your email on the right to this page, I made some really fun, and cheesy, horror hot sauce commercials for a company called “Salem’s Lott Hot Sauce”, I made a new short film, a really short film, a 15 second short film actually, i submitted it to a competition that had over 200 entrees and placed 11th place, three celebrity judges picked my short to be in their top picks, and I was even chosen as one of three directors out of everyone who submitted who were awarded as top technical filmmakers, it was cool, it’s called “The Monster In The Closet”, “We Are Indy Horror”, and “Dread Central” both featured several articles about me and my projects, “The Haunted House” premiered at “The Idaho Horror Film Festival” in Oct, and opened up at a family friendly screening of Disney’s “Hocus Pocus” which is a pretty sweet accomplishment, We had a super awesome, fun and scary Halloween, and “The Haunted House” screened at the Studio City International Film Festival which was a lot of fun, I started pitching a feature film that I am going to make and am very excited about, as well as started development and pre production/production on my horror anthology I told you all about last year in a blog post, I also was asked to direct a web series for a sketch comedy group and shot the first 3 or 4 episodes and even released the first episode already, I am getting almost finished with contract negotiations for a movie that I produced, and i spent a ton of time rewriting and writing scripts, I worked a ton on TV shows and movies as a gaffer or lighting technician and spent a ton of time with my pregnant wife, yep, she is knocked up again and baby number two is coming in march, another little girl, went home for christmas and spent time with family in Idaho, and spent a quiet night home for new years eve, just me my wife and daughter, it was a super super excellent year, a frustrating and hard year, but amazing all the way none the less…

What a super crazy year!!! It seems like I did so much more but this is all I can think of. Making a list like this never really does it justice, but either way it’s fun to do. I hope that you didn’t pass out for lack of oxygen whilst you were reading my super long run on sentence, and thank you for playing along and reading it really fast in one big breath. You are still there right? Blink once for, “yes I am okay”, and twice for, “please help I am super light headed”…

I hope you’re still with us, but just to give you a moment to relax, check out all these pics from last year, and don’t worry, you can breath at any pace you like while looking.
Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 10.04.23 AM
Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 7.38.56 PM
You know what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So since that was about a billion trillion words- lets get right into discussing last years goals….

1. Launch my Wesley Alley Directing website. Done! Right off the bat there is one thing acomplished!
2. Complete an updated demo reel. Alright!!!! One more thing
3. Get representation! Either a manager or agent. (Even though this is goal number 3 on this list it is my number one goal for the first part of 2015 and the one I will be focusing on the hardest as the new year starts.) uh…. nope didn’t accomplish this haha in fact after a few months of working on it, and talking with mentors, other directors, writers, producers etc, I decided to wait for awhile before starting this one, I have a few things i want to do, or need to do before I start putting myself out there for attention… remember you can only be new and exciting once!
4. Produce a feature film. Uh… Nope but I started one!!!
5. Direct my first feature length film. (This one scares me but I am going to push very hard for this. I want to direct my first real full length movie.) Nope failed miserably on this on, no excuses at all! I tried, I tried hard, and I have some really exciting things going for me, but nothing yet.
6. Direct 13 projects. (1 of which will be my first feature film of course.) started off with 2 hot sauce commercials, then 1 short film, and then ended with 4 episodes of a sketch comedy web series, so 7… 7 out of 13 and one wasn’t my first feature film… so this one is a nope. Still a good one, but a nope. 13 is an ambitious goal, one that is very hard to reach, and one 7 is a pretty good number so even this one is a nope, i still count it as a win for me!!!!
7. Write 3 feature films. “This one I totally did! One or two might only be rough drafts but still completed feature length scripts. So this one I comple ted.
8. Loose 10 pounds and keep it off this time.lost and kept off!!!!
9. Sell a script I wrote. (This one also scares me a lot, because it is very hard, but I want to let it be known that I am going to be working on that!)Nope this one is also a big fail!!! But I am going to keep working on it, and I have some possible leads as well as I am going to keep writing more.
10. Take like a billion pictures of Alice. (I have to have one goal that I can achieve right?? (haha) and 10 just seemed like a nice number of goals to have… a really hard amount of really hard goals.) Yep accomplished!!! and going to keep it going!!!

5 out of 10 Rating… by the numbers that isn’t that great, but all the head way I made on the other goals and how much work and effort I put on directing my first feature film, all the pitching, rewrites, meetings, emails, etc. it’s amazing I had time to accomplish any of the other goals… And I am making good headway!!! So even though i scored a 50% which is an F i feel like I tried real hard, and had a really good year!!! Keep working on that A though… Ive always been a 3.75-4.0 student!!! and I never give up!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2016 GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Finish my Horror Anthology movie.
2. Direct 13 projects.
3. Direct my first feature film. (Again this one is hard and announcing it scares me but I have to hold myself accountable).
4. Write 2 feature films.
5. Run a 5k.
6. Act in a movie I am not directing.
7. Win a best director award.
8. Sell a script.
9. Get representation (a manger or agent).
10. Take like a billion pictures of my family!!!! (I need at least one easy one!!!)

Wow!!! Scary goals!!!! I better get out there and start accomplishing!!!!!!!

As always thank you so much for sharing this journey with me!!! Please keep reading and please sign up for my email list. Thank you all for everything and Keep reading!!!!!

The Idaho Horror Film Festival and The Studio City International Film Festival

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IMG_3485The Haunted House Premier was amazing! I went to Boise, Idaho Oct 15 through the 18th for the Idaho Horror Film Festival. It was a great time. A note to all the film makers out there… Try submitting to The Idaho Horror Film Festival in 2016. Out of all the film festivals I’ve attended, TIHFF is in the top 5 just because how well I was treated and taken care of as a filmmaker. Molly and her team are incredible. I’ll definitely be submitting again. What an amazing experience.

The first day of the festival, I checked in and received a super cool filmmakers goodie bag with a handwritten personalized thank you note (Which was a very nice touch). Then I was able to attend the screening of a director buddy of mine, Russell Friedenberg’s newest movie “Wind Walkers”, which just happens to have my buddy J. LaRose in it… It is one of After dark’s “8 films to die for”. It’s pretty cool and I definitely suggest checking it out. Russell was even in attendance and did a brief Q and A after the film. It was a great way to start off the festival.

IMG_3489The Haunted House PosterIMG_3497
p14911_p_v7_aaThe Haunted House played Sat morning and opened up the family friendly film block for Disney’s “Hocus Pocus”, which is awesome!

Hocus Pocus is a Halloween staple for me, a movie I watch every year, and to share a theatre with it and play right before it was a pretty cool personal victory. My movie was very well accepted and with out a doubt played for the largest audience of the festival. It was a great experience, one I am so very glad that I was able to spend with all my family and friends in Idaho. One thing that was very important to both My wife/Producer and I about the premier was since this film was a family friendly film that we were able to have family and friends make it to the premier. Idaho is where we are both from and it was perfect. It was truly amazing to be able to have so many family and friends come out to a premier. I am so glad that we were able to premier at The Idaho Horror Film Festival. Check out some pics.



Next up, Studio City International Film Festival.
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.59.37 PM
The Haunted House will play in part of block 7 on Friday November 13th at 9PM at The Complete Actors Place Theatre on Ventura BLVD!!!
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.59.20 PM
Please come support us!!!!!!!

!!!!The Haunted House Film Festival Premier!!!!

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I have been waiting months to tell you all some very exciting news about my last short film, The Haunted House!!!

Check out the film webpage at:
Watch the Trailer at:
Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 8.09.30 PM
I am pleased to announce we have officially started our festival run!! I am even more pleased to announce that The Haunted House has been accepted into one of our top three choices of film festivals. We will be premiering at The Idaho Horror Film Festival.
Check out the festival web page here:
Check out their Facebook here:
My Wife/Producer and I are both from Idaho. I grew up in a small town that no one has ever heard of, and went to college in Boise, where I met my wife. She grew up in Boise. So when we discussed the festival run for this film, we discussed early on the want for this movie to play in Idaho. I have had some small successes in the film festival circuit on my last short film, where it played around 15 festivals (13 different american states, none of which were Idaho, and 3 total countries) and won 4 or 5 awards. But for every movie there is a different festival plan. This movie being a kids action/adventure/ghost story, we both felt that it was important to showcase this film in Idaho, where our families, friends, etc could take advantage of the screening. When doing the research, the Idaho Horror Film Festival quickly became one of our top 3 choices. So we are super excited to have been chosen. What is even more exciting is that My little tiny kids ghost story will be playing right before and introducing “Hocus Pocus”.
How cool is that? Hocus Pocus is a Halloween staple! A movie that I personally have to watch every year in Oct! A movie that everyone loves!!! And my film gets to open it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Total excited 13 year old girl moment)
For anyone looking to attend, buy a ticket now, there is limited tickets available!!!
Sat Oct 17th at 10AM at The Egyptian Theatre (700 W. Main St.)

To commemorate the occasion of us starting our festival run, a fellow Full Sail University film graduate who graduated with me, and a good friend, Coleman McClung, designed me a new poster…

Check Coleman out on Facebook!!!
The Haunted House Poster
This is pretty much one of the coolest film posters ever, and I am so proud to have had a fellow Full Sail University grad design it. Thank you Coleman!!! If you ever need a poster made, or any other promotional materials for film made, I highly recommend you hit this man up!

Thanks Coleman!!! What do you guys think of the new poster? and the world premier of my film? Who is going to be able to attend? Ill be there!!!

More film festivals announced soon!!!!

The Monster In The Closet

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Last month I posted a few photos and a few posts about a secret Horror project, and this is what it was…..


Check their web page out here:
Their Facebook here:
The 15 Second Horror Film Challenge is a not-for-profit online contest where celebrity guest judges will not only choose the Top 3 winners, but will also share their personal favorites! Winners receive surprise horror gifts. Videos will go live on Halloween!!!! and I am not sure if their will be a Audience choice or if views/shares/comments will help… but they can’t hurt right??? So I am going to need lots of views/likes/shares/comments please!!!!!!!!

My short film is called “The Monster In The Closet”. It’s a 15 second scary story that everyone can relate to. Every one when they were a kid was afraid of the monster under the bed or the monster in the closet. Some are still to afraid, even as adults, to sleep with your hands of feet hanging off the bed.

Again the Video will be posted on Halloween!!!!!
And like I said, the competition will choose the top 3 videos and I am not sure if views will help (but they can’t hurt)… So let’s just say I am going to need a ton of people to watch and share this video. It turned out really good, and I promise you will think its cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Nicklin
Adam Quirch

Directed/Written/Produced by: Wesley Alley

Director of Photography: Dustin Gardner
Make Up Design and Artistry: Arielle Davidsohn

Gaffer: Dan Prostak
Key Grip: Christopher Miller
Sound: Curtis Schultz
Production Assistant: Maitlyn Pezo
Editor: Curtis Schultz
Visual Effects: Curtis Schultz

And Very Special Thanks to:
Whitney Alley (Best Wife Ever)
Brooke Edwards

I had an amazing cast and crew and appreciate everyone’s help making this short scary video.

Check out this little video as a teaser:

Wesley Alley's Favorite Horror Film | 15secondhorror.ca

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And in case you missed them check out some photos…

Make up

Post 1

Post 2

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