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Wesley is a Director, Writer, and Producer. He has experience in Movies, Music Videos, Commercials and more.

Wesley Alley is an award winning Director, writer, and producer.


Wesley Alley was born and raised in a small ranch town in Idaho that nobody has ever heard of called, Declo Idaho.  Growing up in the country, Wesley’s love for the outdoors and adventure were only matched by his love for movies.  Wesley remembers the day he knew he was going to make movies. He was sitting on his dad’s lap watching “The Goonies.” His parents had just gotten a divorce and he was going through a hard time. Wesley couldn’t figure out how to deal with it and didn’t really understand it, but at that moment, sitting on his dad’s lap everything was fine. The escape from reality that allowed him to get lost in the adventure changed him. Watching these kids take care of themselves and go on an epic adventure forever changed Wesley. He wanted to make movies like “The Goonies”. He wanted to affect other peoples lives like his had been. Wesley started his career in the entertainment industry very young, acting in school plays, community theatre, and anything else he could get involved in. Wesley was the president of the drama club in high school and after graduating he attended Boise State University for “Performance and Direction”. After Boise State, Wesley ventured to the other side of the country to go to Full Sail University and get his degree in “Film and Television Production” and a master’s degree in Entertainment Business.


Wesley is a Director, Writer, and Producer. He has experience in Movies, Music Videos, Commercials and more. After college, college, and more college, Wesley ventured out into the industry working in the lighting and grip department. He became a union lighting technician in FL and then moved to LA and continued his career in Lighting. He then became a member of IATSE local 728, one of the best and most well trained Set Lighting Unions in the world. Wesley worked on big summer block buster movies, Huge TV shows, Smaller Art movies, Indy Films, Little TV shows, Pilots, Music videos, Web series, Commercials, etc.  These various projects allowed him to gain experience and learn how productions on every level are made. In the last few years Wesley has returned to his goal of Directing, and has been using his experience and years on set to help him.